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News, 1 September 2002, Minneapolis, MN
CAZTEK Inc. introduces CAD design services and CNC machining capabilities to the rocketry field. "Our specialty is designing and fabricating custom rocketry components! We hope to bridge the gap between the rocketeer and professional manufacturing capabilities." —C. Sienkiewicz, President. With this announcement comes the delivery of the first custom rocket motor case for an amateur rocketeer in MN. The case is destined for an Ammonimum Nitrate fuel load and features a heavy wall 6061 aluminum extrusion, machined for spiral retaining rings.

News, 18 August 2002, Minneapolis, MN
CAZTEK Inc. announces that their flagship product, the towerlaunch pad, is now Hypertek hybrid compatible. With the addition of a hybrid crossplate, the tower can now accomodate hybrid motor fill tubes with ease. The adjustable nature of the standard TL standoff lends itself well to the addition of the hybrid crossplate. Adjustment is quick and easy.
News, 15 August 2002, Minneapolis, MN
Rocketeer feedback has led to several design improvements of the CAZTEK Towerlauncher. The baseplate can now tilt to a horizontal position without the removal of the lockdown wing bolts. This facilitates easier loading when the tower is pre-set for a specific diameter rocket.
News, 1 August 2002, Minneapolis, MN
The Towerlauncher by CAZTEK Inc, makes a successful debut at LDRS 21 in Amarillo, TX. Attendees got a chance to view the new launch pad in the vendor area, and several rocketeers flew off of the pad for demonstration purposes. Notably, Barry Lynch of LOC/Precision of Ohio flew a Rattworks hybrid powered rocket off of the new tower. [view photos]
News, 2 July 2002, Minneapolis, MN
CAZTEK Inc. is proud to present the TowerLauncher, an innovative addition to the rocketry market. Individuals, clubs, special project teams, launch organizers can benefit from the precision design and world class quality of this ultimate launch pad. Fully adjustable for variety of rocket diameters, from 38 to 300mm. With 2.5m of truss length, this tower can support rockets up to 20kg. Soon-to-be hybrid compatible!

Catch a glimpse of the 1st prototype in this month's issue of Extreme Rocketry or see it LIVE at LDRS 21 in Amarillo, TX, from July 11-16, 2002.
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Launch Lugs: What a Drag
Adding launch rod or rail "lugs" to your high performance rocket can increase the drag coefficient by as much as 30%!

Sex Appeal
As soon as fellow enthusiasts see your launch tower, they will all want to look at it, touch it and launch off of it...
Low Friction
Don't waste your precious newton-seconds on heating up your launch rod... Turn the advantage into altitude...


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